New Year. New You.

New Year. New You.

Written by: Sweeney Mae (Instagram and Twitter: @Sweeney_Mae)

Have you ever just wanted to burn so many calories in one day? Maybe you’re in some type of mood and working out is your way to distress? Or maybe, you just want to jump start your journey to changing a few habits and get a full day workout? I’ve had those days and I want to share with you a full day itinerary that you can enjoy by yourself or with friends, who are in the mood for a work out/me time day. Remember to hydrate throughout the day.



9AM FREE ZUMBA (20700 Avalon Blvd. Carson, CA)

Depending on how early you want to get started and where you currently reside, this class can really hype you up. If you live south of the south bay area, then stopping by this dance party at 9am makes sense before you make the drive out to LA area. The class is free but the instructors will appreciate tips. I’m one of the Zumba instructors so this is a shameless plug but I guarantee you will have a good time! You can find some videos on my IG: @sweeney_mae.


11AM – 12PM BAKESHOP/BOOTY CLASS (6009 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA)

Please be sure to check her website to confirm the class schedule. The class is only $15 and I encourage you to bring a yoga mat. The instructor will have some mats there if you don’t have one. She will also provide the booty bands for the exercises. I love this class because the music is upbeat and I get to focus on working on the glutes. Find her on Instagram: @katiecakesbakeshop


12:30PM – UMAMI BURGER at the Grove. (189 The Grove Dr Suite C-10, Los Angeles)

I know what you’re thinking, a burger after all that workout? Well, you and your girlfriend can split an impossible burger if you’d like. It’s an all vegan burger! You should also try their Brussel sprouts. This place is located behind the American Doll place near the parking garage entrance. Enjoy a little shopping to give you time to digest your food.


3:00PM – SANTA MONICA STAIRS. (699 Adelaide Drive, Santa Monica)

This is a fun and challenging workout. The address I’ve provided will drop you at the top of the stairs in the neighborhood so you’ll have to find street parking. You will start your workout by descending down the stairs and the kicker is getting back up to the top. You will often see B or C list celebrities working out on these stairs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can run/jog/walk in the direction towards the beach.


5:00PM – TOCAYA ORGANICA (507 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica)

If you love Mexican food, you will love this place! Try their veggie fajita bowls or their seasonal Keto Bowl! It’s a great way to end your dinner and even order something to go for you to enjoy the next day!

I hope you get a kick out of this TIN (itinerary). Put your best athleisure outfit on and enjoy a full day of calorie burn with a little foodie treat!


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